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Twilio Integration FAQs

  • The Twilio FAQs article is intended to for users who are required to connect their own Twilio account to their DicksonOne account due to country code requirements found here for SMS and Phone Call notifications. 
  • To learn how to connect your Twilio account to your DicksonOne account, please visit the help article

Technical Support

Who can help me with troubleshooting?

Support will be a combination of Twilio Support and Dickson. If there is an issue on your DicksonOne account in regards to errors with alarms failing on your account, you can reach out to 

How can I review Phone Call logs that are delivered by DicksonOne?

To confirm and review call log delivery was successful, you will want to review this in your Twilio account and go to Call Logs via Programable Voice. You can also visit the Events page in DicksonOne to review notifications events. 

How can I review SMS/Text message log delivery by DicksonOne?

To confirm and review SMS/ Text message delivery was successful, you will want to review this in your Twilio account by going to Programable SMS Logs . You can also visit the Events page in DicksonOne to review notifications events. 

Account and Billing/Costs

Who can help us with Twilio account billing?

Twilio is responsible for managing their own billing and costs, and Dickson does not have any access, insight or control over your Twilio account. To review more information about billing for your Twilio account, please sign into your Twilio account and in the console go to Billing. Within the Billing section, you can find more information regarding historical payments, usage, and more. If you come across any billing issues, please submit a ticket directly through Twilio after logging into your account and going to help and clicking Submit a Ticket

Who is responsible for paying for Twilio costs?

Customers that choose to connect their own Twilio account to DicksonOne will be responsible for submitting payments directly to Twilio for usage and costs. 

How can I reduce my usage costs?

There are different factors that contribute to your total Twilio costs. Please review SMS Twilio Costs and Twilio Voice Costs to understand how usage costs work. We also recommend that you take into consideration on how your alarms are set up by reviewing Reducing Twilio Costs and Best Practices.

What payment options are available for Twilio?

Credit card payments is the most popular method for Twilio customers. However, if you are not able to use a credit card there are other options that may be available such as Billing by Invoice, Wire Transfer/ACH, Pay-as-you-go and more. Please be sure to review all details and information regarding payment options, and if you have additional questions regarding billing, please reach out to Twilio directly by submitting a request for additional support. 

Are there any DicksonOne subscription discounts for using your own Twilio account?

No. There are no discounts as the system will continue to offer the same features and no functionality has been removed. Dickson will continue to develop more features that support users with new and improved experiences. 

Can I have more than one DicksonOne account tied to a single Twilio account?

Yes. In the cases of resellers that want to cover or handle the costs associated with their customers’ SMS & Voice notifications, they can connect multiple DicksonOne accounts to a single Twilio account.

In these cases we recommend using Twilio’s sub-account feature to segment customers for support, reporting, and billing purposes.

Quality and Service Levels

Will the same quality in delivery of SMS and Phone Call notifications from DicksonOne change now that we have to use our own Twilio account?

No. Dickson has been using Twilio since the DicksonOne system began offering SMS/Phone notifications (over 7 years). Twilio has been incredibly reliable and we do not expect service levels and quality to change now that customers will be connecting their own Twilio accounts. There is no technological change as part of how alarms are evaluated or triggered between DicksonOne and Twilio. The only change is that customers will connect their own account and be responsible for usage and costs via their connected Twilio account.

Will there be risks in service disruptions or notification delivery errors?

There should not be any errors. There is little to no risk from a technology perspective for triggered SMS/Phone call notification delivery as we will continue to handle notifications the same as in the past. A risk can be caused by a billing disruption in which you will be able to control directly through Twilio. Technical support will also be a combination of Dickson Support and Twilio Support. 

Is there a quality agreement between Twilio and Dickson/DicksonOne?

No. Dickson does not have a custom quality agreement in place with Twilio. Dickson has agreed to the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Terms of Use, which are made publicly available and be reviewed here