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TSB Firmware Update

About Updating the Device's Firmware

  • The TSB does not connect to the internet like the TWE/TWP (DicksonOne Devices), the firmware has to be updated Manually
  • The firmware on the TSB gets update manually via USB Stick
DicksonOne Touchscreen Firmware To update the DicksonOne touchscreen firmware, please visit DicksonOne Update the Device Firmware

How to Update the Firmware on a TSB Device

Viewing the Current Firmware:
To view the information screen click on the Settings Icon on the bottom right of the Device Home Screen and then click on the 'i'
  1. The Device's current firmware will be displayed
Downloading the Firmware from DicksonOne:
Go to
  1. Select Firmware on the Change Logs page
  2. Select TWE or TWP
  3. Click the Filter button
  4. Scroll and Locate the most recent firmware for TWE/TWP and click the download icon to download the file
  5. Save the file onto a USB Stick
  6.  Manually Power the Device off by pressing the power button
  7. Plug the USB Stick into the Device USB Port
  8.  Verify that the USB stick icon appears on the screen
  9. Remove USB Stick after the device is updated
Plug USB Stick with Firmware to Device:
  1. Power the TSB Device off by pressing and holding the power button on the right hand side
  2. Connect USB stick to USB port on the left hand side of the device
  3. Power the Device back on by clicking on the power button on the right hand side
  4. A message should be displayed on the screen that the device is being updated
  5. After the device has been update, remove the USB Stick from the device
Warning Please do not save multiple firmware files on a USB stick to update. The update will only work if there is only one firmware file on the USB Stick.