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Sub-Accounts within Twilio

About using Subaccounts in Twilio

  • Subaccounts allow you to segment out multiple applications connected to a single Twilio account
  • This is useful if you are a reseller of DicksonOne and plan to either cover the costs of notifications or handle the billing on behalf of your customers
  • This is also useful if your organization already has a Twilio account for another purpose and you'd like to segment the DicksonOne integration from your other applications that use Twilio; you can use a new set of API credentials for segmentation but it does not allow for as granular reporting/billing detail
  • Sub-accounts allow for segmented reporting, billing details, and support.

How to use setup a Subaccount

Section 1: Create a new sub account

 From the dashboard:

1. Click Settings

2. Click Subaccounts

3. Click the "Create a new Subaccount" button 

4. Give the subaccount a friendly name (e.g. the name of the customer you're segmenting out)

5. Click the "Create" button

NOTE: The SID that appears next to the Account Name on the subaccounts page is the "Account SID" you'll need later for connecting to DicksonOne.


Section 2: Create an API Key for a subaccount

The API Secret and API SID (API keys) along with the Account SID are used to link twilio and DicksonOne. To create the API Secret and API SID for a subaccount, perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to your subaccount list by going to the gear icon in the upper right of your account or going to Settings > Subaccounts

2. Click into the subaccount you'd like to create the API keys for; you should see the name of your account and then then name of the subaccount you selected (in orange) just under the Twilio logo in the upper left)

3. From the subaccount's dashboard, click "Settings"

4. Click "API Keys" on the left

5. Click the "Create new API Key" button

6. Enter the properties for this key:

  • Provide a name, we'd recommend "DicksonOne" or "[CUSTOMER NAME] - DicksonOne"
  • Leave the Key Type as standard

7. Hit the "Create API Key" button

8. IMPORTANT: copy the SECRET somewhere (ether to a secure place or the DicksonOne integration page)

Failure to copy the SECRET at this point will result in needing to create a new key.

9. Check the box indicating you've copied your SID and SECRET 

10. Click "Done"

11. Head to the DicksonOne interface to paste in these keys to connect your Twilio account to DicksonOne


Have more than one customer? You can create as many subaccounts as you need. Just make sure you're creating API keys for the specific customers, otherwise Customer A might be charged for Customer B's SMS and phone calls.