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Sensor Information and Behaviors

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About Understanding Sensor/Calibration Information on DicksonOne

  • When replacing sensors on a device, there are a couple of behaviors that may occur on the interface, and to understand those behaviors this article will explain some of the expectations and details
  • When swapping sensors of the same model type, the channels on the interface should continue as one, and when they are different model types the behavior may change
  • Sensor information regarding when sensors where calibrated and the previous sensors that have been connected to a device are found on a Device Settings page

Understanding Sensor Swapping and Sensor History

Section 1: Same Model Swapping
When sensors of the same model type are swapped on a device, i.e., RTHM (Glycol Thermistor Sensor), the graph will continue as the same line for the sensor on the interface If an RTHM sensor is swapped with another RTHM sensor, the channel will be displayed as one on the graph
Section 2: Different Model Swapping
Section 2:
When a different sensor model type is swapped on a device, the graph will display two channels (one for each model type), and the lines of the graph may have a splitting point in which they will appear in a different color from one another and may read a slightly different temperature An RTHM (Glycol Thermistor) which is a sensor for temperature is swapped with an RKTC (K-Thermocouple) sensor which is also for temperature will be displayed as two different lines on the graph Note: Please continue to read below to review more information on Sensor Information
Section 3: Reviewing Sensor History
To identify when sensors have been removed and replaced with new ones on a device, go to the Device Settings page > click on Sensor History
  1.  Current Sensors attached to the device are documented
  2. The port number will be displayed (1 port only for DWE models and 2 ports for TWE/TWP models)
  3. The Channels that you name your sensors on the graph will be displayed here
  4. Calibrated date includes when the sensors were calibrated at Dickson
  5. When the sensor last reported to DicksonOne
  6. Sensor History will include the current sensors attached to the device as well as previously attached sensors that have reported through the device