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RF System Troubleshooting


Why does the device display a dashed lines and won't do anything?

Ensure that your gateway is connected to the internet, and use the side power button on the logger to reboot it. If the logger is too far away from the gateway, you may need to move closer to the gateway and reboot the device again. 

Why won't the RF loggers display a code on the screen?

Ensure that your gateway is connected to the internet as this is required in order for the devices to get a registration code.
Press the right-side transmit button of the logger and see if the device gets a code within a minute.
If the logger is too far away from the gateway, the logger will not get a registration code if it cannot reach the gateway.

Why won't the RF loggers display in Unassigned Devices on my account?

Ensure that your gateway is registered to your DicksonOne account and connected to the internet.
If the RF loggers display an ‘x’ on the signal strength, the logger is not able to reach out to the gateway. Moving closer to the gateway pressing the right-side transmission button on the logger.

How far can my RF loggers be from the RF gateway?

Transmission distance is extremely dependent on the environment the loggers are used in. Generally speaking, a few hundred feet shouldn’t be an issue and oftentimes devices can communicate well over 1000 feet. The key is to have adequate coverage of the LoRa network at your facilities.

How many RF gateways do I need for my RF loggers?

At least one RF gateway is required onsite at each site. While the gateways can support more than 100 RF loggers, we recommend limiting the max 100. Furthermore, there are reasons (e.g. redundancy, better coverage, etc) you may want an additional gateway well below our recommended number.

Do RF loggers require an internet connection?

RF loggers do not connect to the internet, and instead reach out to your gateway automatically which the gateway must be connected to the internet.

What happens when I delete my RF gateway from my DicksonOne account?

If your RF gateway is deleted from your DicksonOne account but remains connected to the internet, the RF loggers will continue to send data if the loggers are still registered and active. 

How do audible alarms work?

When an audible alarm is triggered on the RF logger, an alarm icon will flash on and off till the alarm is cleared.
The audible alarm will sound for an entire minute beeping, and then after a minute it will chirp every 5 minutes until the conditions go back to normal and the alarm has cleared. 

How do I recalibrate my RF loggers?

RF loggers use replaceable sensors, so you can simply purchase newly recalibrated sensors and swap them out with the old ones or you can have your current sensors recalibrate to retain the as-is data. Contact us at at 630.543.3747 or

Error Messages

Error Message Cause Remedy
EXPORT ERR The device is failing to export data to the flash drive. After the flash is removed and message has cleared, attempt again to export your data. If it fails again, confrim that you are using a FAT32 flash USB stick.
BAD FILE This occurs when the firmware file detected on the USB flash is not the correct format. Confirm that the file on the USB flash is a .rff file. The firemware file should be downloaded from the DicksonOne change logs and should be a .rff file.
MULT FILE This cccurs when multiple firmeware files are found on USB flash drive. Make sure that the USB flash contains only one single .rff file.
BAD USB This occurs when the USB flash is not working properly and has failed to mount. Ensure that you are using a FAT32 USB flash. If that does not work, attempt with a second USB flash.
FLASH FAIL Caused when an error occurs while the device is programming internal memory. Unplug your USB from the RF logger and attempt a second time. If it does not work, attempt with a different USB falsh, and be sure that it is a a FAT32 falsh stick.
NO PROGRAM Occurs on startup if device determines currently loaded firmware is invalid. Clears when new USB flash drive is inserted. Please contact Dickson at or call 630.543.3747
NO SETTING Occurs when device has not been programmed with a valid LoRa app key. Please contact Dickson at or call 630.543.3747
Note You can download the most recent RF logger firmware file in the DicksonOne change logs.

Understanding How Not Reporting Alarms Work

You can create not reporting alarms so that you can be notified when your RF loggers stop transmitting data to your DicksonOne account. Below notes on reasons why not reporting alarms may be triggered:
  • The RF logger is too far away from the RF gateway to send data
  • The RF gateway that the RF logger reports through has lost power or an internet connection (not communicating on a local LAN)
  • The RF logger was powered off
  • The RF logger has turned off due to the batteries dying
  • The sensor pod was removed from the logger
  • An intermediary part of the infrastructure is down (Dickson's issue)
  • The RF logger has malfunctioned