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RF Gateway Firmware Updates

About Updating the RF Gateway's Firmware

  • Over the Air (OTA) firmware updates for RF Gateways are managed on DicksonOne.
  • OTA updates can be configured to update automatically or to not update automatically so that you can determine when to update the gateway's firmware.
  • If required, you also have the ability to update the gateway's firmware manually via USB stick (a FAT32 USB stick is required).

RF Gateway Firmware Updates

Configuring Firmware Settings on DicksonOne (Including automatic OTA updates)
Go to Manage > Gateways on your DicksonOne account and click on the gateway you wish to configure firmware settings for Determine the firmware settings and click Update RF Gateway. If desired, configure your gateway for automatic updates (recommended). Note If selecting 'do not update automatically' you will have to visit the gateway's firmware settings page and click 'Update Firmware' when a new version is released.
Manually Updating RF Gateways via Gateway Admin Screen
Obtain the firmware file by following these steps:
  1. On your DicksonOne account go to Support > Change Logs and confirm you're filtered to the RFG device.
  2. Download the desired firmware file and save it somewhere on your computer.
Once you have the firmware file, follow these steps to update a Gateway via the administrative screen:
  1. Once gateway is connected to the internet, go to
  2. If you haven't already done so, register the gateway from Manage > Gateways.
  3. On the left hand side please click on Manage, and then click on Gateways; a page will open up that will have the Gateways please click on the desired gateway's name
  4. Click on the Network Tab and look for the "IP Address" of the gateway; copy and paste the IP address into a new browser window and press Enter
  5. If logging in for the first time it will ask you to create a password, create a password
  6. If you have already logged in, enter the password on the initial set up
  7. After logging in to the portal Click on System Back up/ Flash Firmware (located on the bottom left hand side)
  8. Uncheck the keep settings
  9. Browse for the firmware file you downloaded
  10. A progress bar will show up once it is completed your file will be loaded and the Gateway will be up to the latest Firmware
  11. Confirm the update was successful on the Manage > Gateways page.
Manually Updating RF Gateways via USB Flash
On your DicksonOne account go to Support > Change Logs and confirm you're filtered to the RFG device.
  • Proceed to downloading the file and saving it to a FAT32 USB flash stick (be sure that there are no other firmware files on the USB stick)
  • You will then plug the USB stick to the gateway and leave it plugged for at least 60 seconds while the gateway gets updated