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Reviewing Device Data

About Reviewing Device Data

  • This article covers details for reviewing a device's data.
  • You have the ability to review different ranges of data on the device's graph online, and have the ability to annotate your data, as well as run exports.

Reviewing Your Data

Displaying a Time Range
On DicksonOne click on a device's name to be taken to the device overview page where you will be able to review your data.
  • Active warning or excursion alarm alerts will be displayed at the top
  • The date picker on the top left allows you to select a time range for the data to display
  • The graph will display every single data point for the time range set, and hovering over a line on the graph will display the data point collected as well as a timestamp at the bottom
  • Below the graph you have the ability to click Reference Lines to add visual indicators for your high and lows, and  Export to download your data as a CSV file
  • Summary data of the average, min and max will display below the graph and will be adjusted based on the time range selected
Note The graph will display the time based on your computer's timezone settings, regardless of what timezone the device's settings are in.
Annotating the Graph
  1. Hover over a data point and click on it to add an annotation
  2. You can type in any text that you would like to add to your graph as an annotation
  3. Click Save when finished
Down Sampling
As the rang of data increases, the data will be down-sampled.
  1. A large range of data was selected in the example provided which is a 7-day range of data that is displayed
  2. We can see that the resolution has been down-sampled to a 15-minute resolution
  3. Hovering over the data still displays exact data points that were collected
  4. The graph lines may appear slightly blurry due to the down sampling, but you have the ability to zoom (please continue reading below)
Zooming into the graph
  1. Using your cursor, click into the graph and highlight the area that you would like to zoom into
After zooming in, you will see three graph lines for each variable depicting the average, high and low during the interval resolution displayed. In this example it is a a 15-minute resolution but as the data gets larger it can be a larger resolution such as a 1hour, 24hours, etc. resolution
  1. The middle point that is shaded darkest is the average data point collected during the 15-minute sample period with the point above being the highest value collected and the lower point being the lowest value collected
Reset Zoom
Click Reset zoom on the top right to reset the zoom on the graph Success