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Review and Acknowledge Alarm Alerts

About Alarm Alerts

  • In your account, you can review, acknowledge, and add comments to your current and historical alerts.
  • Alerts are the result of triggered alarms, which will be captured in the Alerts and Events pages of your account.
  • Alert notifications will be delivered to users via email, text message, and/or phone call based on the alarm configurations.
  • Alerts are categorized as either warning alerts or excursion alerts based on the alarm configurations.

Reviewing, Acknowledging and Commenting

Reviewing Alerts
The count of active alerts will be highlighted on the dashboard in the active excursions and warnings tiles. You can get to the alert pages by clicking on either the excursion or warning tiles or by clicking into Alerts pages on the left navigation bar.
  1. You have the ability to show/hide the filters on the top right to filter out specific alerts
  2. Current alerts will remain in current status until the alarm conditions get cleared when conditions go back to normal
  3. Alert history will capture all historical alerts
Acknowledging Alerts
In the alerts pages you can acknowledge the alerts by clicking Acknowledge next to the alert log. Acknowledgements can be done for all current and historical alerts, and will also capture a timestamp when the alert was acknowledged and by who. Only excursion alerts be displayed in the device graph area  under the summary data, and users can acknowledged those alerts in that area as well. Note Both warning and excursion alerts are documented in the alerts and events pages. However, only excursion alerts will display an excursion flag in the graph area and display an excursion alert annotation under the summary data. Excursion alerts will appear on both exports and reports, and warnings will not.
Commenting on Alerts
After acknowledging an alarm alert you can click on Comments and type in any content necessary. There is no limit to the amount of words, and be sure to click Save comment once you are done. Other users who have access to reviewing the devices will be able to review the comments that have been captured by other users. Success