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LED Flashing/Indicators

Symptoms Probable Causes Suggested Corrections
Flashing Red Light This indicator will flash red every 10 seconds ONLY when the unit is not sampling or operating properly. Condensation may have formed on the unit. These loggers are designed for use in a non-condensing environment. If the indicator is not flashing, please verify the following: The logger memory may be full; download the data and clear the memory. Sampling may not be activated. To start sampling, clear the memory. Place unit in a warm dry environment for 24 hrs. Then, clear the memory and try again.If the environment creates condensation, try placing the unit (temperature only models) in a small sealed plastic bag to protect it from condensation.​
Flashing Green Light This indicator will flash green every 10 seconds ONLY when the unit is sampling and operating properly. ?
No Flashing Light ? ?
Why won't the logger communicate? The correct DicksonWare version may not be in use. Is the correct COM port selected? Try another available COM port connection on back of PC. If this is the first time attempting to communicate on this PC, or if new software or programs have been installed since the logger was last used, try installing the software on another PC not a laptop). Check Com port allocations in the PC's Device Manager, make sure the COM port you're trying to use is not ""reserved"" for something else. Open the logger and depress the ""RESET"" button for about 5 seconds while still connected to the PC, then try all COM ports again. Make sure the download cable is not physically defective. ​ The minimum requirements for this product are as follows: DicksonWare or higher. Has the communication speed (baud rate) been changed? It should be set on ADAPTIVE. To check this, you must go to FILE, PREFERENCES, click the tab that says SERIAL or COMMUNICATIONS in the PREFERENCES window. Check the box for ADVANCED SERIAL OPTIONS then click OK. Now, click LOGGER then COMMUNICATIONS. You'll see that SPEED is now one of your selections, click the SPEED tab to verify that it is set on ADAPTIVE.
Why does the external channel show a -414F(-247.78C) reading on the graph? This is normal operating condition when the probe is not connected at the time a sample is taken. No changes needed.
Why won't the unit respond to events? If the voltage is too low, a step up transformer may be required. If the application voltage is within the range and the source in connected properly to the leads, the electric coil may be defective and in need of service or replacement. First, make sure that the application voltage is within the range of 120 to 240 VAC and properly connected to the alligator leads.​
Logger will not download all the stored data. Data logger may be set to WRAP as apposed to Stop when full Determine if you want the device to WRAP the data or Stop when full
The logger will not download. If the logger was used in a moist or humid environment, condensation may have formed on the unit. Place the unit in a warm, dry environment for 24 hrs. Then, clear the memory and try communicating again.