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Power and Battery Issues

Symptoms Probable Causes Suggested Corrections
Why doesn't the battery backup work? If battery backup is too low (6 volts or lower) the unit will turn itself off. Readings will also rise before the battery is completely dead. If the power outage was only momentary, the unit may not have had enough time to recognize this and switch to battery mode. The unit may lock-up or shut off in this situation.
Why does the unit appear to have no power? Make sure keypad is not unplugged. Wait for the unit to warm up, it should power up and give all data stored. Ensure that the keypad is plugged and allow the device to warm up.
How long does the rechargeable battery backup last? Approximately 12 hours. A UPS can be used for better results.
Will the unit log data if power is lost and unit is operating on backup battery only? Yes, as long as the units on/off switch is in the "on" position. Double check and ensure that the device is in "on" position if desired
Logger lost AC power. When AC power was restored, save data is not displayed and the logger is plotting 0 deg. The logger failed to refresh the graph properly when AC power was restored. Unplug the AC power cord from the logger for 10 seconds. Plug AC power back in. All saved data should display and the unit should begin logging normally.