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Not receiving/sending email or text notifications

Please create this account in you mail server so that it will be a valid email address in their server:

Most users on a network with a mail server will not require an IP address.

If you are using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) mail server you may be restricted from sending out emails generated by WiZARD2. Many ISPs block port 25 in order to block spam. This does not apply in all cases. If you do not receive email/text notification of alarm conditions and you receive an error message such as: The message was unable to deliver to (target email address) due to email exception. The IP you are using to send mail is not authorized. . . , then you will need to contact your internet service provider for their socks proxy server address. This is a non-dynamic IP address. Once you have been given an IP Address go to: Tools, System Settings. A box for Mail Server IP Address is located at the bottom of the System Settings window. Enter the IP Address and save. The error message should go away and email/text notifications should be delivered.

  • If the above steps fail, remove USB and AC power from Receiver
  • Turn unit off and leave off for 1 minute.
  • Return Power (turn on and plug in AC)
  • Plug back in USB*

If these steps fail, look on your software CD for a folder called:

  • ViewUSB.
  • Copy the folder to yor C drive.
  • With WiZARD2 running and the Receiver attached, open the ViewUSB folder and open the ViewUSBHID Instructions text file for instructions on how to run the executable and determine the cause of the USB failure.
Plug back in USB* Removing power may result in some lost data Early Versions of Software CD Early version of the software CD do not include this file. Contact kgiardino@dicksondata for a copy of the ViewUSB program.