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Follett Network Interface Card Overview and Requirements


If you experience any problems during the installation process, please call Follett Technical Service toll-free at
(877) 612-5086 or +1 (610) 252-7301 for assistance.


The Follett Network Interface Card (NIC) is a Wi-Fi enabled device that utilizes standard network Wi-Fi to
establish a secure connection over the internet to Dickson's cloud server (subscription required). Once
connected, the customer can monitor the appliance's temperature performance and
program email, phone or text alerts remotely through a cloud/subscription-based, user interface. Ability to create
reports regarding this data is also provided.

Network Connection Requirements

The NIC requires an IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compatible Wi-Fi network to access the internet. The latest version of the
FollettConnect application will need to be loaded from Apple's or Google's store in order to configure the network
connection. The app supports the latest IOS or Andorid operating system and two previous versions. User must
have a working WI-FI router with access to the internet in order to connect to DicksonOne.


The NIC device utilizes TLS to ensure a secure connection between the device and the cloud server, and
supports the following encryption methods:
Open (Shared) - Not recommended, see note below regarding Splash screens.


Setup Requirements

  • Setting up the NIC requires a smartphone or tablet (iPhone, Galaxy, IPads etc.) with IEEE 802.11
    b/g/n Wi-Fi capability and Bluetooth connectivity (BLE 4.1). Initial setup is accomplished through the
    FollettConnect application, used to establish a secure Bluetooth connection to the NIC device. The
    Bluetooth connection is used to set the NIC Wi-Fi network and password from the smart device. User's IT
    personnel will be required if any issues arise trying to make the WI-FI/Cloud connections.
  • A subscription to DicksonOne.
  • Any “Splash” or login screens required for network access are not compatible with the device (ex: Typical
    “hotel” or “Guest” Wi-Fi networks).