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Get Started With Locations and General Structure

About Getting Started With Locations and General Structure

  • Locations can help users organize devices in a manner that is fitting to their specific account (i.e., by geographical location and/or application)
  • Sketch out a general structure beforehand to consider how detailed it will be
  • User permissions are also managed by the locations a user may have access to
  • Various structures can be created to allow flexibility and achieve your needs

How to Get Started With Locations and General Structure

Basic Example:
The Primary Location (The Company Name in the Account Settings) with Devices Below it. All the Devices are at Pharma Co. Pharma Co.      - Device - Device - Device 
One Building with Multiple Locations:
Single Building with Multiple Locations. The Primary Location is Pharma Co. In Pharma Co. there are two main locations, West Wing and East Wing, with additional sub-locations. Pharma Co. - West Wing - Chemical Storage Room                 - Device(s) - Laboratory  
               - Device(s) - East Wing
          - Incubators  
               - Device(s) - Laboratory 2  
               - Device(s) Note Each location can have infinite devices in it, 1 or even zero for when you are ready to add devices. We recommend adding a location for achieved devices, should device ever be replaced or removed from the account.
Multiple Locations with Multiple Facilities:

Multiple Locations with Multiple Facilities may be used for a larger network. The example shows Pharma Co. Network as the account name and super location overseeing the Chicago, IL Facility and Addison, IL Facility.

Pharma Co. Network      - Chicago, IL Facility 
          - West Wing 1 
               - Chemical Storage Room 1    - Device(s) - Laboratory 1 - Device(s) - East Wing 1
               - Incubators 1
                   - Device(s)
              - Laboratory 2 
                   - Device(s) - Addison, IL Facility 
          - West Wing 2
               - Chemical Storage Room 2
                   - Device(s)
               - Laboratory 3
                   - Device(s)
          - East Wing 2 
               - Incubators 2
                   - Device(s)
              - Laboratory 4
                   - Device(s) Success Infinite locations can be created in DicksonOne. This can also mean that global locations can be added (e.g. European Region, North America Region, South West, East Coast).