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What cloud is the device connecting to?
The equipment controls stream data to the DicksonOne® servers on AWS (Amazon Web Services) via secure/
encrypted connection.

Is this a private or shared environment on the cloud?
It’s a public/shared cloud. All data and account information is maintained separately via permissions and

Is the refrigerator able to receive information back, or is this a one-way communication?
All communication is initiated by the equipment itself/NIC. From there, the network card inside the equipment and
the servers maintain a secure connection and communicate back and forth. No special ports should need to be
opened for the communication to work properly.

What is the operating system on the refrigerator?
The network device connectivity module runs on the ThreadX real-time operating system with NetX as the TCP/
IP networking stack. There are no listening network sockets and the only outgoing network requests are via
secure TLS connection (port 443).

Does it use authentication?
Each device is provisioned via secure channels and each device has a unique API key meaning we can
selectively deactivate one should there be any form of compromise. Each device also has a unique PIN, so that
only users with the PIN can add a device to their account to monitor the data and/or send action requests.

Is the data being transferred encrypted?
The data transfer is encrypted using TLS v1.2.

What type of data is transferred?

Only temperature and the status of the door are transferred to DicksonOne. No patient-specific data is sent.

Is there any software to install?
Only the FollettConnect app on the smart device.

What ports does the connection require?
The network cards communicate over port 443.

Does the network connection work with a proxy server?
Not at this time. The NIC devices make direct outgoing connections on port 443, therefore no proxy configuration
should be necessary.

Does the device support WPA2 Enterprise security?
As of this publication, the device does not support WPA2 Enterprise authentication.

Does the device support both DHCP and Static IP addresses?
The networking card can be configured for DHCP only.

What happens if my internet goes down?
The equipment will stop sending data and any data collected during the outage will not be sent. The system can
be configured to notify users in the event the equipment is “not communicating.”