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Exporting Data from the RF Logger

About Exporting Data from the RF Logger

  • A USB OTG cable is required to export data from the RF logger
  • Be sure that the USB flash drive does NOT contain any firmware file
  • You will configure the loggers export data settings via

How to Export Data from the RF Logger

Configuring Data Export Settings
Go to and navigate to a Device’s Settings page to configure the data export settings.
  • You can choose whether for the device to export all data since it started logging (slower) or data since the last export (faster) when a USB memory stick is connected.
  • You will also determine the export format to be in CSV, LOJ or Both.
Export the Data From the Logger via USB
  1. Connect the USB flash drive to the OTG cable
  2. Plug the OTG cable into the logger's micro USB port while powered on
  3. A download icon will appear on the device screen and flash until the export is complete