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Edit Alarms

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About Editing Alarms

  • If your parameters and or conditions have changed, the ability to edit alarms is essential. This article will cover how to edit Custom Alarms and Alarm Templates.

How to Edit Alarms

Edit a Custom Alarm:
Go to > Click into a Device > Click Alarms
  1. Click Edit Alarm to make changes to the existing custom alarm
  2. Continue reading onto the next step to or if you wish to delete the custom alarm and create a new custom alarm click Delete and then +Add a New Alarm
After clicking Edit Alarm 
  1. The conditions for the alarm can edited so that a different channel can be selected or alarm type, as well as the parameter (e.g., below 65 degrees to below 62 degrees, etc.)
  2.  An existing notification policy can be applied or you can edit the current notification policy
  3. The escalations(s) as part of a notification policy can also be changed
  4. The delay can also be changed (device sample interval * readings)
  5. Contact and/or roles can be deleted or added
  6. Can add additional contacts and/or roles to notify
Edit an Alarm Template:
Go to > Manage > Alarm Templates 
  1. Click into the alarm template you wish to edit
Go to > Manage > Alarm Templates 
  1. The alarm template's conditions can be edited (e.g., the temperature is below 49 degrees)
  2. The alarm delay, escalation and who to notify can also be edited
  3. The channels that the alarm template is applied to can also be changed
  4. To delete the alarm template click Delete Template
Warning When deleting an alarm template, the template will be unapplied to all devices and channels that it was applied to and the alarms will be removed.