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DWE Quick Start Guide

About the DWE Quick Start Guide

  • This article features an overview of the DWE components, a quick setup, and connecting the logger to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Once the DWE logger is setup and connected to the internet, you can then register the device to DicksonOne so that you can review data online, configure alarms, and more.
What's in the Box

DWE with Replaceable Sensor connected (your sensor may look different)

AC Power Adapter

Wall Mount Plates with Screws

USB Cable (1 per order and may not be included in the box)

Ethernet Cable

Anatomy of the DWE
  1. Power button
  2. USB Port for flash drives
  3. Mini USB for connecting to computer
  4. Reset min/max button & transmit
  5. Replaceable sensor in sensor port
  1. Text area for registration and error codes
  2. Current reading
  3. Channel and variable
  4. Min/Max for displayed channel
  5. Ethernet port
  6. AC adapter port
Device Setup
  1. Plug the sensor into the port on the logger while pressing firmly until it clicks.
  2. Connect the power adapter to the logger and plug the device into a standard power outlet (international plug adapters are available).
  3. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the device powers on, then release. The LED will flash green, then white. The logger's sensor readings will begin to display, rotating through the measurements if more than one environmental condition is being measured.
    1. “Error 202” will appear at the the logger's screen.
    2. The Error 202 message is indicating that the logger is not connected to your network. To connect the the logger to a network and register the device to DicksonOne, please follow the instructions below.
Connect Logger to the Internet via Ethernet

If you followed steps 1-3 above in "Device Setup” and the device is powered on, plug the ethernet cable into the device, and an active ethernet jack.

Once the logger is connected to the internet a 6-­digit code will appear on the logger’s screen that can be used to register the device to DicksonOne.

Note When you connect the DWE logger to Wi-Fi, the logger will only use Wi-Fi, and will not use ethernet even if the device is still connected to an ethernet cable.

Connect Logger to the Internet via Wi-Fi

Go to Support > Network Configuration App on your DicksonOne account or go directly to

Download and install the appropriate version to your computer (either MacOS or Windows).

Open the application.

Connect the the USB cable to the mini-USB port on the DWE logger and connect the other end of the USB cable to an open port on your computer.

Make sure the logger is connected to the power source via the AC adapter and is powered on.

Click on Wi-Fi.

Wait a moment as your device will reboot so that it can switch from Ethernet to Wi-Fi mode.

Select your Wi-Fi Network and click Next.

Review, confirm, and select the appropriate Wi-Fi Settings and password, and then click Next.

Once your device finishes connecting to the network via Wi-Fi you will see check marks in each circle.

You can now register your DWE logger to your DicksonOne account using the 6-digit registration code displayed on the loggers screen or click Configure Another Instrument if you need to configure more loggers.