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Display Issues

Symptoms Probable Causes Suggested Corrections
The graph is at the end of the screen. May be redrawing the graph. This will be more noticeable on smaller horizontal time scales.​ All keys are momentarily disabled for about 3-seconds.
The cursor will not function Menus are open or a large character display mode. Close the menus out. Check the character display mode
Only one trace is show on the display graph A reading greater or less than the scale limits will not be seen on the display. It may still be seen in the lower left real time value display. Change the reading to be less than the scale limit. If you are using DicksonWare, look in the 'Setup' section to see if one of the channels has been disabled and re-enable it. It is possible that the Data Logger must be returned for service.​
Table/graph displays minimum value readings of 0. Minimum value will show 0 if power is removed. Plug the device to power.
Graph displays readings of zero only. The logger has been set to a logging option of Stop When Full. When the logger has no more room for additional readings, FULL will display in the lower right hand portion of the display, and the graph will begin to display readings of zero. The logger must be cleared before it will begin logging again​.
Downloaded data does not match my display. Please be sure you are using DicksonWare version 17.1 or higher. When using DicksonWare to view saved data, you must first CLEAR the Touchscreen via DicksonWare before logging. Once cleared, the Touchscreen can be edited and logging can begin.​