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DicksonOne Floor Plan FAQs

Overview & Use Case

The Floor Plans View indicates any active alerts for each monitoring point that was added to the floor plan. You can view your existing Floor Plans from Monitoring Points > Floor Plans page.


How do I configure a Floor Plan?

Floor Plans can be created in two ways.

The first method is by going to Monitoring Points > Floor Plans. Click on the "Add Floor Plan" button at the top right of the page. After that, you'll follow the configuration, including:

  • Uploading your floor plan (PDF, PNG, or JPG/JPEG)
  • Naming the floor plan
  • Placing monitoring points (locations, equipment, and data loggers) on the floor plan
  • Save by clicking the "Done" button at the bottom left of the page

The second method is by going to Monitoring Points > Locations. Navigate to the location or sublocation that you want for your floor plan. Switch to the "Floor Plans" tab on the left of the page, then click the "Add Floor Plan" at the top right. After that, you'll follow the steps for configuration as listed in the first method.

Can I create more than one floor plan at a time?

Yes! You can upload multiple floor plan images simultaneously. Once uploaded, you'll be able to configure each floor plan.

What file formats are supported?

Currently, we support PDF, PNG, and JPG/JPEG.

Do I have to use a Floor Plan?

No, the Floor Plan is an optional feature that can be implemented on your timeline. We think it will help with better visualizing your monitoring points in the context of a facility or space but understand that the transition may take time.

How do alarms work with floor plans?

Floor plans leverage your existing monitoring points, so any active alarms already associated with those monitoring points will be indicated on the floor plans.

Are floor plan-related actions captured in the audit trail?

Yes, events relating to floor plans are captured in the audit trail.

Are floor plans included in reporting?

No, floor plans aren't included in reports at this time.