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Device Will Not Power Up/Frozen Display

Trouble Symptoms Probable Causes Suggested Corrections
Device will not power on There is a possibility that the batteries may be too low. If the logger was used in a moist or humid environment condensation may have formed on the unit. The environment creates condensation Replace the batteries. Try removing the batteries and AC power (if applicable) for a few moments and then re-powering the unit.This will not cause the unit to lose any data within the logger, but you will have to start the unit logging again using DicksonWare. Try unplugging and replugging the USB cable.
Device Screen is Frozen The Device Screen is Frozen Condensation may have formed on the unit created by the environment the device is in.
Display Won't Stay On The unit may not be connected to AC power. The unit may be on sleep mode. The wrong adapter may be use. Check that the AC adapter is plugged in. Press any of the front panel buttons to wake the device up. If this does not work, make sure the back-up battery is good. The battery is for back-up only. The adapter may need to be replaced with a new one or the correct adapter.