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Deleting a RF Gateway

About Deleting a RF Gateway

  • This article focuses on important notes and details to know about deleting a RF gateway from your DicksonOne account.
  • The article will cover steps for deleting a RF gateway.
  • Only users with manage access are able to delete a RF gateway that they have access to.

Important Details and How to Delete a RF Gateway

Deleting a RF Gateway Notes
  • The RF gateway does not care if it is registered to a DicksonOne account and only servers to transmit data from RF loggers to DicksonOne
  • If a gateway is deleted but remains connected to the internet, the RF loggers will continue to report data to your DicksonOne account
  • If you want to stop RF loggers from communicating to your DicksonOne account you will want to delete the RF gateway from your DicksonOne account and disconnect the gateway from the internet
  • The purpose of having a gateway registered to a DicksonOne account is to allow for efficient registration of the RF loggers
  • Deleting a RF gateway does not delete any of your RF loggers from your account
Info Visit Securing the LoRaWAN RF Gateway to learn more about making the gateway secure.
How to Delete a RF Gateway
  1. Go to Manage > Gateways
  2. Click on the desired gateway you wish to delete
  1. Click Delete Device
  2. You will see a confirmation pop-up asking you to confirm deletion of the gateway