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Creating WiFi Settings Files

About Creating WiFi Settings Files

  • This article provides steps for creating WiFi settings files via the Network Configuration App, so that you can download the file to a USB and program WiFi settings on DicksonOne data loggers and the RF gateway.
  • Once the file is created, you can download it to one or multiple USBs and plug the USBs to the data loggers or RF gateway to program the WiFi settings.
  • A FAT32-formatted USB flash drive is required and must not be password protected.

How to Create WiFi Settings Files

Download the Network Configuration App
Click on the Network Configuration App under Support and download the appropriate version for your computer.
Create a WiFi Settings File in the Configuration App
Open the Network Configuration App and click Configure Without Device Click on Wi-Fi Fill in the WiFi settings appropriate for your WiFi network and expand Configure Advanced Settings if you need to program a static IP address, HTTPS, and Proxy Settings, and then click Next Plug your USB Flash drive into your computer and click Save Configuration Be sure to select USB Flash to save the configuration file, name it, and click Save.  Please note that you can only have one configuration file on your USB, and the USB flash has to be formatted as FAT32

Loading the WiFi Settings File to the Hardware

RF Gateway
Plug the USB stick into the USB port on the gateway, waiting approximately 30 seconds for the settings to be loaded and applied.
Display Loggers (DWE)
When the USB is plugged into the logger, the display will flash 'Loading' to indicate that it is updating the loggers network settings.
Touchscreen Loggers (TWE/TWP)
For Touchscreen data loggers (TWE/TWP) you will:
  1. Insert the USB onto the touchscreen
  2. Go to Network Settings 
  3. Click on Import USB Settings
The WiFi configuration will be imported into the touchscreen and the device will connect to the internet on its own. Success