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Create an Alarm Template

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  • An alarm template is a set of conditions and associated notifications (emails, texts, phone calls, etc.) that can be applied to a group of loggers in bulk or to a new logger once it has been added.
  • The goal is to reduce the recreation of the same alarm conditions over and over. This feature is particularly helpful for accounts with many loggers and even more so when the loggers are monitoring the same application (a large number of refrigerators and freezers storing vaccines for example).
Warning A two channel temperature device with two probes monitoring different ranges should have two separate alarm templates.
Getting Started with Alarm Templates:
  1. Start by clicking Manage on the left
  2. Then click Alarm Templates
  3. To add a new template, click +Add New Template
  1. Name the template and click Continue
Naming Templates When creating/naming your template consider who will be using the template and what assets or monitoring points these alarms are protecting.
  1.  Configure the thresholds that should trigger alerts. You can add more than one condition on an alarm template.
  1. If you have created Notification Policies previously you can choose from them here. If you are creating a new Notification Policy you can follow the directions below.

7. The alarm template 24/7 schedule will be togged to on by default. To create your own custom alarm schedule, slide the 24/7 alarm schedule toggle to off and select the days and times the system should monitor for alarms.

8. Determine if the Buffer is enabled or not to begin monitoring for alarm conditions prior to the start of an alarm schedule.

9. Enable the after-hours notifications if you would like to receive alert notifications when an alarm is triggered during an alarm schedule but gets resolved after the schedule has ended.

Set Your Notification Policy:
  1. To create a new Notification Policy click Create New
  2. Slide the toggle to activate an Audible Alarm (this will trigger a sound alarm on the device)
  3. Determine if the Escalation is a Warning or an Excursion
  4. Determine the delay for when you and/or others should be notified (e.g., 0 readings will trigger a notification immediately when the condition is met)
  5. Determine what method to alert by selecting Email, SMS or Phone call, select a recipient from Roles or Contacts and determine where to contact
  6. You can add additional methods of contacting or add additional Roles or Contacts to contact
Read more on Warnings vs. Excursions
Complete Alarm Template:
  1.  You can search for devices, channels, or additional tags to apply the Template
  2. You check the boxes for any devices or channels that you wish to apply the template to and they will appear on the right hand side under Applied to Template.
  3. Click Continue to Finish