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Create a Not Reporting Alarm

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About Not Reporting Alarms

  • Not reporting alarms are used to alert users that DicksonOne is no longer receiving data from a device.
  • Reasons that may trigger a Not Reporting alert are a power outage as the devices utilize AC power to communicated to DicksonOne, a network outage as an internet connection is required for the devices to communicate to DicksonOne, all sensor pods are unplugged from a device, and/or a device malfunction.
Warning The Touchscreen devices have the ability to support two sensor pods. If one sensor pod is unplugged from the device, but another sensor pod is still attached and reporting on the device, then the system will not trigger a 'Not Reporting' alert. If both sensor pods are unplugged, then the system will trigger the 'Not Reporting' alert. The same behavior goes for the DWE models which support only one sensor pod.

How to Create a Not Reporting Alarm

  1. Within a device click the Alarm Icon or on Alarms
  1. Click Add a New Alarm
  1. Under Set Your ConditionSelect a Channel pick the Device
  1. Choose an existing escalation policy or create a new one
If you have not created a Notification Policy before you can reference Alarm Escalation Alarm State Each alarm in "alarm sent" state transitions back to normal if the device's reading and configuration packets are up-to-date per the loggers sample interval
  1. If applicable you can save the Not Reporting alarm as a reusable template
  2. Click Save Alarm to finish and apply the alarm to your device