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Create a Custom Alarm

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About Creating a Custom Alarm

  • Creating Custom Alarms allow users to create alarms specifically for a device is not wanting to use an Alarm Template
  • Alarms Alert individuals when conditions are met that are pre-determined by the users
  • Users can be alerted via Email, SMS, and or Phone Call

How to Create a Custom Alarm

Create Custom Alarms on a Device:
Go to
  1. Click into a Device to configure an alarm on it
  2. Click Alarms above the graph next to Overview
In the Alarms page you will have two options
  1. Be sure that you are on Build a Custom Alarm if not click Build a Custom Alarm
Note There are multiple ways that users can create alarms and apply them to devices. If an Alarm Template has been created and you wish to apply the Alarm Template to the device, click Select Template. To learn more about how Alarm Templates work, please visit the DicksonOne How-to Articles.
Set Your Condition:
Determine the purpose of the Alarm
  1. From the drop-down options, alarms can be created for channels or a device alarm
  2. Determine the condition
  3. Check the box Add a reference line if you wish to add a reference line to the Device Graph
  4. Help and tips will populate to the right for guidance
Set Your Notification Policy:
When, What Method, and Who
  1. To create a new Notification Policy click Create New or if you would like to use an existing notification policy click Use Existing
  2. Slide the toggle to activate an Audible Alarm (this will trigger a sound alarm on the device)
  3. Determine if the alert is a Warning or Excursion
  4. Determine the delay for when you and/or others should be notified (e.g., 0 readings will trigger a notification immediately when the condition is met)
  5. Determine what method to alert by selecting Email, SMS or Phone call, select a recipient from Roles or Contacts and determine where to contact
  6. You can add additional methods of contacting or add additional Roles or Contacts to contact
Read more on Warnings vs. Excursions Wrap up and Finish
  1. Determine if you wish to templatize the alarm by checking the box next to Make this a reusable template  
  2. Name the alarm if making the alarm a reusable template
  3. Click Save Alarm to finish
Note As part of Escalations, the delay (when to contact) is determined by the Device's Sample Interval * Number of Readings that the condition must be met. Success A Custom Alarm can be created on a device and can be formulated into a template for later use if needed.