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Connect Your Twilio Account to DicksonOne

You can now connect your Twilio account if required. Please note that onJuly 22nd, 2020 (newly extended date) DicksonOne will no longer deliver SMS/Text and Phone Call notifications to specific country codes.

Getting Started

  • This article assumes you have already created a Twilio account and configured your billing details, if you have not done that, please do that first!
  • You'll need access to that Twilio account, including the ability to create new API keys; you can login to twilio here.
  • If you're using a Twilio Subaccount, you'll need to follow the instructions for creating the API keys in that article
  • Connecting your own Twilio account to DicksonOne will allow you to send SMS/Text Message and/or Phone Call notifications to the following list of country codes that require a Twilio account to be linked.
  • If you choose to connect your own Twilio account to DicksonOne, you will be responsible for all usage costs.

If you already have Twilio API Keys

Enter your Twilio API Credentials into DicksonOne
Go to Manage > Integrations within your DicksonOne account.
  1. The Account SID can be your Master Account's SID or you can use a Subaccount's SID.
  2.  The API Key SID must correspond to the Account's SID that you created the keyset for which will also provide you the API SECRET Key.
  3. Click Save to save the API credentials.

If you do not already have Twilio API Keys

Obtaining the Account SID
  1. The account SID can be found within the Twilio console under your project's name.
  2. Or, if you created a subaccount go to Settings > Subaccounts and select the appropriate SID.
  3. You will enter the SID into the Account SID field on DicksonOne.
Creating an API Key set (API SID and API SECRET)
  1. In your Twilio account go to Settings > API Keys and click the + sign to create a new API Key
  2. On the next screen provide a unique name for the API Key to compliment the account SID name (e.g. DicksonOne) and leave the Key Type as Standard
  3. Click Create API Key.
  4. Copy API SID and placed into the API Key SID in DicksonOne.
  5. IMPORTANT: Copy and Save the SECRET key into the API Key Secret in DicksonOne or a secure place as it will only display once; failure to copy/save the secret will result in needing to create a new API Key set
  6. In DicksonOne the API Key SID is the value obtained in step 4.
  7. In DicksonOne the API Key Secret is the value obtained in step 5 and then click Save to connect your account.
Warning for those using Subaccounts in Twilio Please ensure that when you go to Settings > API Keys on Twilio to create a new keyset that you are under the correct account. Failure to select the right account may result in one subaccount being billed for another subaccount's SMS or phone notifications.

Verify the integration is successful

Test your connection by sending a verification text message.
Now that your Twilio account has been connected, you will see a status bar at the top Needs Verification.
  1. You will see the phone number that was created for you; this is the phone number that you will receive DicksonOne notifications from
  2. Select the Country Code from the drop down menu and provide a cellular phone number to send a test text message.
  3. Then click Test Integration
  4. Your status will now display as Verified and you have the option to send additional test text messages if you would like.
  5. Review your cellphone text messages to ensure that delivery was successful.
Note To verify what phone number is registered to your Twilio account, please visit your Twilio account and on the left click on the menu and click # Phone Numbers.