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CobaltX & DicksonOne FAQs

Overview & Use Cases

The CobaltX is a LoRa data logger that has been integrated into DicksonOne. This logger is a flagship device that has unparalleled features for permanent monitoring applications.


What firmware version for the Cobalt X does my logger need to be on in order to use with DicksonOne?

Cobalt X data loggers will require firmware version 2.9 to be compatible.

Which sensors can I use with my Cobalt X?

The Cobalt X devices only work with Dickson's Smart or Digital Sensors (i.e. not Replaceable Sensors).

Which LoRA gateway is required for Cobalt X?

The Cobalt X works with the Multitech gateways that Dickson sells. Please note, at this time they are not compatible with the gateways for the RFL loggers.

Do I need to register my Gateway on DicksonOne?

Unlink the gateways for the RFLs, gateways for the Cobalt X devices do not need to be registered at this time.

How many CX2 can connect to a Multitech Gateway?

The answer varies based on a number of factors but can generally range from 30 to 70 loggers.

Can I use the Pin code functionality on a Cobalt X with DicksonOne?

Not at this time, but that is in development.