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How to Check or Modify the Server Address URL on your MultiTech LoRa Gateway

About the Server Address URL on your MultiTech LoRa gateway

  • This URL tells the gateway where to send the traffic from your devices
  • You may need to confirm or change this based on your OCEAView server configuration
Section 1: Accessing the Multitech gateway
1. Obtain the IP Address, Username and Password of your Multitech Oceaview Gateway. A) If you do not know the Gateway Username and Password, try setting the username and password = admin.   If this does not work skip to Appendix A below.B) If the gateway is configured using DHCP or you do not know the static IP, provide IT with the Identifier ID listed on your Oceaview Infrastructure page.   This is the MAC address for the Gateway.  IT will be able to see the IP address associated with the gateway.

C) If using cellular only, skip to Appendix B below

2. Enter the IP Address into the Browser Address bar and press enter. 3. Enter your Username and Password
Section 2: Configure the Server Address URL
1. In the main navigation menu on the left, click on "LoRaWAN." 2. Scroll down to the "Server" section and find the server address field.  Note: if the server name matches the destination URL you desire, you can close the window. 3. Click the blue Submit button below the Server Address and Port Information. 4. In the main navigation menu on the left and above the LoRaWAN menu button after you click “Submit” you will see “Save and Restart” click that button. 5. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete the rebooting process.   After 5-10 minutes, log back into Oceaview, open the infrastructure page and confirm that Last Activity is within the past 3 minutes.
Appendix A: Unable to log into gateway due to unknown Username / Password
If the Username and Password are unknown the gateway will need to be reverted to factory default settings. Follow the steps below:
  1. With the gateway powered on, press and hold the reset button on the front of the loggers for 40 seconds. When released the logger will reset and reboot.
  2. When the Status LED starts flashing connect the logger via Ethernet to a PC
  3. Follow the steps in the gateway manual to configure the gateway for your network connection and updated server address (starting on page 15)
Appendix B: Gateway configured for Cellular connection only
If the gateway was only configured for cellular connectivity you will need to connect to the gateway using the default settings. Follow the steps in the gateway manual to connect the gateway (starting on page 15). Once you have accessed the gateway follow the steps starting with step 3 above.