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Audible Alarm on the Device

About Audible Alarms

  • When alarms are created on Touchscreen devices, users have the ability to activate an audible alarm on the device
  • The audible alarm will sound on the physical device (make a buzz noice) that can be snoozed after it is triggered
  • The audible alarm is activated on the device for Touchscreens and activate on for the TWE/TWP devices

What Happens when the Audible Alarm is Triggered?

Triggered Alarm:
When an Alarm is triggered on the device, it will appear on the Home Screen and if an Audible Alarm is activated, the device will also sound.
  1. The sensor pod for which the audible alarm was triggered for will appear in the middle of the screen
  2. When there is an active alarm on the device, the Alarm icon at the top right-hand side of the screen will flash (this includes all alarms rather if they are audible or not)
  3. To snooze the sound on the device, click on the Bell icon at the bottom of the screen
Warning Snoozing the Audible Alarm does not stop the Alarm or the Alarm condition from being present, it simply shuts the noise off.
Activate the Audible Alarm on a TSB:
To learn more on how to create Alarms on your TSB Device, please visit TSB Alarms.
  1. Slide the toggle under Audible Alarm when creating an alarm on the TSB device to activate the Audible Alarm
  2. Once an alarm is triggered, the device will sound
Activate the Audible Alarm on a TWE or TWP:
To learn more on how to activate the Audible Alarm on DicksonOne, please visit Alarm and Alert Options.
  1. To activate the Audible Alarm when creating alarms in, slide the toggle under Audible Alarm and determine the delay by inputing the number of readings