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Alerts Report

About the Alerts Report

  • The alerts report allows users to run a report against all active and historical alerts that have triggered during a selected period.
  • Users have the flexibility to scope the report to include (critical) alerts and/or warning alerts, as well as high/low alerts and/or not-reporting alerts.
  • Just like all other reports, the alerts report is delivered via email as a PDF, can be viewed on DicksonOne, and re-downloaded at anytime.

How to Create an Alerts Report

Build an Alerts Report
1. Click on Reports on DicksonOne. 2. Select the Alerts report form the drop-down menu. 3. Click Save and continue. 4. Select the locations and/or devices you want to report on. 5. Click Save and continue. Note When creating a report you have the option to report on selected locations, devices, or a combination of both. When selecting to report on a location, all devices that live underneath that location tree will be included. 6. Provide a Name for the report. 7. Determine the Frequency. "Once" is for a one-time report for a selected timeframe, "Daily," "Weekly," and "Monthly" are for automated recurring reports. 8. Determine the alert types that you wish to scope your report to from both of the drop-down menus. This allows you to determine if you want excursions or warnings, or both, as well as high/low alerts or not reporting alerts or both. 9. By default the user creating the report will have their email included as the recipient, but other emails can be added if you wish to send the report to others. 10. Click Save and continue to finish. 11. Review your report configuration and click Save and finish if your setup looks correct or click Edit in the desired fields you wish to change. Success