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Add Devices

About Adding Devices to Your DicksonOne Account

  • The Touchscreen logger (TWE/TWP) and Display Data logger (DWE) must be connected to the internet before you can register the devices, and for the RF System, the RF gateway must be connected to the internet and registered to your account before you can register your RF loggers. 
  • All loggers will display a 6-digit registration code on the logger' screen used for registration (reference the quick start guides provided with your devices).  

If you are using RF loggers, please review Register RF Loggers for more detailed instructions.

How to Add New Devices

On DicksonOne

On DicksonOne click on +Register New Hardware when you log in

If you need to connect your touchscreen device of display data logger to the internet go to Connect a Device to WiFi or Connect a Device to Ethernet

Click on the device model that you need to register. 

For more detailed information on on the RF System, please visit Register RF Loggers

Configure the Device and Register It
  1. Provide a Device name (i.e., Refrigerator One, Ambient Room 123)
  2. Provide the 6-digit Registration code found on the device screen (the touchscreen device will display the code in the network screen) 
  3. Select a Location from the drop-down location options OR
  4. To create a new location for the device to live in, click Add New Location 
  5. Review the Company Default Settings or Edit them to make adjustments
  6. Click Register Device

Registering devices can be easy. To learn more about DicksonOne features such as how to create alarms, please visit the DicksonOne Knowledge Base.