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Account Owner and Manage Access User

About Account Owner and Manage Access Users

  • The individual who creates the DicksonOne account will automatically become the Account Owner by default and the Account owner will be the primary administrator.
  • The Account Owner can add additional users and those users can be allowed to have Manage Access based on locations.

How to Differentiate Between the Account Owners and Regular Users with Manage Access

Account Owners:

The account owner can manage the entire system, including:

  • Add a device to the account, Edit device settings
  • View a device and its data, Export data from a device
  • View the alarm log, Acknowledge Alarms, Create/Edit alarm templates, and comment on alarms
  • View the event log
  • Add users, Edit users, Suspend Users, Delete Users
  • Add locations, Edit locations
  • View/download all device exports and reports, Export the entire account
  • Manage billing/subscription

Each DicksonOne account has only one Account Owner by default. To add an additional Account Owner or transfer ownership, please have the Account Owner contact us at or call 630.643.3747

Users with Manage Access:

Users with Manage Access can do anything that an Account Owner can do, with the exception of not able to:

  • Manage Billing and Subscriptions 
  • Delete or Suspend Users 
  • Export the Account Data
  • View and Edit Account Reports (created by other users)
  • Limited based on location permissions (all or one or more locations the user can be set to manage)

We recommend keeping the number of users with Manage Access to least required to perform job functions, because Manage Access permits users to control critical aspects of the account such as adding/removing devices, device configurations, editing alarms, adding new users, etc.