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TSB Alarms

About TSB Alarms

  • This article will go into details on how to create alarms on the TSB devices
  • Benefits of utilizing alarms are to indicate on the device visually that a condition has been met as well as when the data is exported 
  • An Audible Alarm can be activated as part of creating an alarm to sound on the hardware when the conditions are met

How to use Create Alarms on a TSB Device

Creating the Alarm:

After clicking into the Settings icon on the home screen, click on the Bell Icon to arrive at the Alarms Screen

  1. Verify the channel you want to create an alarm for
  2. To begin configuration click Enable and ensure it is ON
  3. Determine the condition if it is Below or Above 
  4. Input a Value that pertains to the previous step (e.g., below 68 degrees)
  5.  Determine if you want to the Audible Alarm to sound on the device by turning it ON 
  6. You can Enable a second alarm the specific channel 
  7. Determine the amount of readings the condition has to be in before triggering an alarm (e.g., sample interval * n readings = delay)
  8. To view another channel and create an alarm on that channel use the scroll right/left bars on the device
Triggered Alarm and Snoozing:
Once the Alarm has been triggered, the following will occur 
  1. On the home screen, the sensor pod that triggered the alarm will be identified along with the reading that triggered it
  2. The Alarm icon will flash when an alarm is active
  3. If an audible alarm is activated, the sound can be snoozed (this will not stop the alarm and condition, however, simply stop the sound)

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