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Relay Functionality

About Using the Relay Feature

  • Use the relay feature to receive alerts on the device 

How to use Relay

Section 1:

When an alarm is triggered the display alarm indicator will flash, the audible alarm will sound and the relay for that channel will activate.
Display NOT Pressed: After 30 seconds, the audible alarm will stop, display alarm indicator will continue to flash, relays will remain active.

Display Pressed (any time): Audible alarm will stop, display alarm indicator will stop flashing, relays will be inactive.
If after 2 minutes or the next sample rate (whichever is longer) the alarm condition is still present, the audible and visual alarms and relays will activate.
If the unit is in alarm mode, and the menu is accessed, the audible and visual alarms will immediately activate when returned to the main screen. The Relays will not activate until the 2 minutes have passed or the next sample is recorded.

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