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Homescreen Display

About Home Screen Display

  • All Touchscreen Devices including the TWE/TWP and TSB models allow users to determine what is displayed on the Home Screen
  • Users can determine if the display view should be as a Graph or Text

How to Change the Home Screen Display (Text or Graph)

Choosing a Display:
  1. On the Home Screen of the Device, click on the Settings Icon and go to the Graph (Graph Icon on the left)
  2. Turn the Channels that you would like information displayed for by sliding the toggle to ON for Display and Min/Max
  3. To view more channels click on the right arrow 
Determine how to display the information on the Home Screen:
  1. Select either Graph or Text
Graph View:
  1. In the Graph view a Graph of data will be displayed 
  2. To view a range of data click on the play icon at the bottom left and select the most recent 1hr to 1yr or to All
  3. The Average, Min/Max will also be displayed
Text View:
  1. The Text view will show the current most recent reading based on the Device’s Sample Interval as well as the current Date and Time

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