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(FH121, FH125, FT300, FT325, FT420, FH320, FH325, FT500, FT520, FT525, FT530, FH520, FH525, FH535)​


Touchscreen Devices use replaceable sensors. You can purchase new replaceable sensors and swap them out with the old ones. Go to Device Calibration to learn more.

Touchscreen Devices are spec’d to 70 hours of backup batter, so the device will continue to record sample points/data for up to 70 hours in the event of a power outage. DicksonOne TWE/TWP can have alarms created for this event see more.

The screen goes blank when in backup battery mode.

All remote probe models will issue an alarm if the probe has been disconnected or is loose. Check the probe to ensure it is plugged in securely.

Make sure the unit is not attached to the USB cable. Powering on the unit while attached to the USB can cause the unit to fail on startup. Remove the USB cable and turn the unit off then on.

Up to 30 minutes of saved logged data can be lost when the unit is turned off.

The sample interval is determined by the Days/Div set by the front panel buttons.

The maximum time displayed on the graph is 13.7 hours when a 3 minute sample rate is selected.

1. First, verify that you have the correct version of Dickson software installed on your PC. The version 10 or higher is required.

Next, verify that the correct port is selected. To do this, go to the main Dicksonware screen, click on Logger, then Communication. A black dot will appear next to the selected port.

You may also need to relocate the download cable to another USB port and possibly try changing the port again in DicksonWare.

If communication has not been established with the previous steps, you may need to open the logger and remove the battery for a few seconds and then try all ports and cable combinations again. This will not cause the unit to lose any logged data, but you will have to clear the logger to restart the logging process. This is done using DicksonWare.

2. Make sure that USB is selected under File > Preferences > Communications.

Unplug USB cable and plug back in.

Remove all power to the logger (this will not cause the unit to lose any data within the logger, but you will have to start the unit logging again using DicksonWare) unplug the USB cable, power the logger back on, then reconnect the USB cable.

If the logger was used in a moist or humid environment Condensation may have formed on the unit. Place unit in a warm dry environment for 24 hrs. Clear memory and try again. These loggers are designed for use in a non-condensing environment. If the environment creates condensation, try placing the unit (temperature only models) in a small sealed plastic bag to protect it from condensation.

If possible, try another PC, and/or another USB port.

This is normal operation when the probe is not connected at the time a sample is taken.

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