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Getting Started with DicksonWare 2.0 (Secure)

About DicksonWare 2.0

  • Requires Windows 7 or 10 PC’s
  • Require .NET 4.5.2
  • Require Local Administrator Rights (your IT department may need to help with permissions and installation of the applications) 

How to Get Started

Section 1: Review Manual and Get Started

You will be provided with a USB stick that contains the files to install DicksonWare onto a local computer

  1. Please review the manual provided as a PDF before getting started, which also contains directions on how to get started
  2. Double click the DicksonWare.Installation_V20_2_2_121 file to begin installation
Section 2: Download DicksonWare

To begin downloading click Next

Continue by clicking Next

Click Install

Click Finish

Section 3: Open DicksonWare and Get Started

Now that the application has downloaded you will want to double-click to open it

Section 4: Upgrade to Secure

Accessing DicksonWare Secure

  1. Click on Help on the top menu bar
  2. Click Upgrade to Secure

Enter the Product Key provided by Dickson

  1. Review message
  2. Click Continue

Create the Administrator 

  1. Provide a Username and User ID
  2. Provide a Password and Re-enter Password

Review message and click Close when finished


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