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Downloading the Loggers Data

About Downloading the Loggers Data

  • Downloading the data allows you to view the data through DicksonWare and focus on specific ranges you would like to view
  • When downloading the data, you are able to save the files as DicksonWare files for later use and for historical purposes

How to use Downloading and Viewing the Loggers Data

Section 1: Downloading Data via USB cable (all models except TSB/TWE/TWP)

Connect the logger to the computer via USB cable and be sure that the logger remains connect to AC power adapter if applicable or has batteries

  1.  Launch the DicksonWare application and connect the logger to the computer via USB cable (ensure it has batteries or AC power if applicable) 
  2. You will see a New Logger Detected window pop up, and can click on Close
  1.  The data will now be displayed with a graph and a summary of the readings on the bottom left, and Logger Summary is on the bottom 
  2. The data can also be downloaded to your computer 

Click on Download to begin downloading the data

  1.  Determine if you want to save All the data, Displayed data or Cancel

The file will be saved on your local computer and will be saved as an loj file that can only be reopened with DicksonWare.  

  1. Select where you would like to save the file locally, such as the Desktop, a local folder, Make New Folder, etc.
The file will be saved and you can reopen it using DicksonWare. If you wish to export the file as a CSV to open it with excel or google sheets, visit Exporting the Data.
Section 2: Downloading Logger data via to SD Card


  1. Insert SC card into SC card slot or reader connected to PC
  2. Open DicksonWare
  3. Select Open File
  4. Windows Explorer will open – navigate to jump drive
  5. Click on .lod / .log file to open
Section 3: Downloading Logger via USB Jump Drive (DSB/DWE/TSB/TWE/TWP only)

Plug the USB jump drive to the PC

  1. Select Open File
  2. Windows Explorer will open – navigate to jump drive
  3. Select the .loj / .lok / .lod file 
  4. Click Open

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