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DicksonWare Always Opens

About DicksonWare Always Open

  • When you turn your computer on or login, DicksonWare may continue to launch and open at the time of starting up
  • This article explains how to turn off DicksonWare as part of your startup app list 

How to Turn Off DicksonWare on the Startup App List

Section 1:

Go to the Start Menu and look for Settings

  1. Click Settings in the start menu
  2. On the left navigation bar click Startup
  3. Scroll through the Startup Apps and find DicksonWare 2.0
  4. Click on the On/Off toggle to turn Off
Section 2:

If you are on a different version of Windows, the screen may look different. 

  1. You will want to go to the Start Menu and go to Settings
  2. Look for Startup or Startup Apps
  3. Location DicksonWare 2.0 throughout the apps that are listed 
  4. You may have to uncheck the box instead or click on it and select Disable

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