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Connecting Loggers to DicksonWare

About Adding Loggers

  • DicksonWare is utilized to review the data that the loggers collect 
  • The ability to add loggers to DicksonWare can allow for the data to be reviewed through the application, change a loggers settings, create alarms and more

How to Add Loggers to DicksonWare

Section 1:

Connect the logger to the computer via USB cable (ensure the logger is on AC power or has Battery) 

  1. Status will show Connecting 
  2. On DicksonWare, you will see New Logger Detected
  3. You have the ability to upload any pre-recorded data onto the server, and can determine if you would like to automatically upload data each time the logger is connected by clicking Yes or No if you wish not to
  4. Click Close to close the window to get started with more features and configurations
Section 2:

You now have the ability to control and manage various features on DicksonWare

  1. Configure allows you to configure Logger Settings. Go to Configuring Loggers in DicksonWare to learn more
  2. Download allows users to download the Data
  3. Open File allows you to review files
  4. Clear will clear the logger’s Data

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