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Adding and Deleting Users

About Adding, Deleting and Editing Users

  • This feature requires you to have DicksonWare 2.0 Secured as it will not work with the unsecured version of DicksonWare
  • Additional users can be added to help manage the DicksonWare account 
  • Administrators or Users can be added

How to Add, Edit, Reset Passwords and Delete Users

Section 1: Launch DicksonWare

Launch the DicksonWare application

  1. Click File on the top left corner 
  2. Select Preferences 
Section 2: Add User


  1. Click Add to add a new user


  1. Provide a User Name for the User
  2. Determine the User’s User ID
  3. Select if the User is an Administrator or a regular User
  4. Click Save
Section 3: Edit User or Reset Password


  1. Select the User that you with to Edit
  2. Click Edit/Reset Password


  1. You can edit the various field provided
  2. You can change the User Type to User or Administrator
  3. You can Reset Password as well
  4. Click Save to save the changes 
Section 4: Delet User


  1. Select the User you wish to delete 
  2. Click Delete


  1. Confirm if you with to delete the user or not by clicking either Yes or No

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