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Wire Relay Pod

About Wiring the Relay Pod on Touchscreen Devices

  • The DicksonOne Relay Pod is compatible with Touchscreen devices only, which include the TWE/TWP and the TSB
  • Interesting use case 1
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  • This feature is really powerful with [Link to other feature] and [Link to other feature]

Wiring the DicksonOne Relay Pod

About Wiring:

To do that thing, you do this other thing.

  1. Pin 1: Channel 1 Common
  2. Pin 2: Channel 1 Normally Open
  3. Pin 3: Channel 1 Normally Closed
  4. Pin 4: Channel 2 Common 
  5. Pin 5: Channel 2 Normally Open
  6. Pin 6: Channel 2 Normally Closed

Please note the following

  1.  Features 1 SPDT 50V DC, 200mA, NO/NC Relay per channel
  2. Maximum 22 gauge solid wire recommended
  3. Relays are not a controller and cannot be used to turn On/Off remove devices 
  4. Relays are designed for resistive loads and NOT inductive or capacitive 
  5. Operates under battery power 

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