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Understand the Device Summary Data

About Understanding the Device Summary Data

  • The Device Summary Data can provide users different viewing options for data based on time and captures information for each channel on a device
  • Displays the Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Mean Kinetic Temp over a selected period of time
  • Highlights Annotations and Comments as well that occurred on the device

How to Understand the Device Summary Data

On the Device Page:

Go to and click into a Device

  1. Click into the Date Range displayed to review the data range options to select from or
  2. Users can select a specific time range to display data for by using the Date Picker (e.g., a long weekend, one particular day, hour, month, etc.)
  3. Metrics will be displayed per channel (these metrics are based on the time range selected from the previous steps) 
  4. Each channel can be turned on or off so that it is displayed or not displayed on the graph
  5. The Channel name can be edited to your liking (e.g. Ambient Temperature Point 1, Incubator 253, Freezer 1, etc.
  6. Annotations for Excursions are documented as well as annotations added by users
Key Terms on the Device Summary Data:

Mean Kinetic Temperature: A simplified way of expressing the overall effect of Temperature fluctuations during storage or transit of perishable goods. 

Relative Humidity: The ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor in an air-water mixture to the saturated vapor pressure of water at a prescribed temperature. 

Dew Point: The temperature where water begins to condense. The Dew Point is a water-to-air saturation temperature and is associated with Relative Humidity. A high Relative Humidity indicated that the Dew Point is closer to the current Air Temperature. A Relative Humidity of 100% indicated that the Dew Point is equal to the current Temperature and that the air is maximally saturated with water. When the Dew Point remains constant and Temperature increases, Relative Humidity Decreases.

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