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How to Turn HTTPS ON/OFF

  • If circumstances when IT Infrastructure may not be capable of supporting HTTPS, or any reason needed to manually switch over to HTTP port, this article will walk you through how to turn on and off HTTPS
  • By default, HTTPS is ON for the Touchscreen device (TWE/TWP)
Touchscreen Device (TWE/TWP):
  1. On the Touchscreen Devises click on the WiFi Icon on the left of the interface
  2. Use HTTPS will be ON or OFF
  3. Click ON or OFF to turn On/OFF HTTPS

To turn HTTPS ON/OFF on a DWE, you will need to connect the Device to the Network Configuration App via USB plug on a computer

  1. In the Wi-Fi or Ethernet Settings click on Configure Advanced Settings
  2. Check the box to turn HTTPS ON or uncheck the box to turn HTTPS OFF
  3. Click Next

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