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Select the Right Report

About Selecting the Right Report

  • The DicksonOne reporting suite offers a variety of reports that users can create
  • DicksonOne Report options are by Calibration, Device, Channels and Tabular 
  • DicksonOne Reports can be automated so that they are delivered Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly, as well as Once reports
  • Please review the options below to understand the various reports

How to Select the Right Report

Calibration Report:


  1. Includes a table of the devices to highlight devices that are past due for calibration, will soon be due for calibration, or is up-to-date on calibration
  2. The calibration due date is based on the DicksonOne calibration date, and the selected calibration interval by the user
  3.  Can also be viewed online by going to > Reports > and clicking Full Report History
Channel Report:


  1. Compares the individual channels across devices
  2. Variables such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure, etc. can be compared across multiple devices, as well as multiple locations
  3. E.g. comparing the temperature across multiple refrigerators (in multiple locations if desired)
  4. Can also be viewed online by going to > Reports > and clicking Full Report History
Device Report:


  1. Contains a graph, summary data alarm occurrences, and comments/annotation information broken down by device
  2. Delivered via email with an attached PDF
  3. Can also be viewed online by going to > Reports > Full Report History 
Tabular Report:


  1. Provides a table of individual readings with a corresponding timestamp for each reading
  2. Tabular reports can be very large if they cover a long period of time, include many devices, and/or the devices have a very long sample rates
  3. Users can choose to downsample the data to reduce the size of the reports
  4. Can also be viewed online by going to > Reports > and clicking Full Report History

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