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RF Logger Quick Start Guide

About Getting Started with RF Loggers

  • In order to register your RF loggers to your DicksonOne account, please make sure that your RF gateway is connected to the internet and registered to your DicksonOne account to simplify the process. 
  • This article shows the components of the RF logger as well as how to get started with logging data and registering your devices online. 

RF Logger Components and Next Steps

RF Logger Components

RF Data Logger (RFL) + Replaceable Sensor 

(connected sensor may look different)

Wall Mounting Plate & Hardware

(plate will be attached to device)

2x AA Batteries


RF Logger Setup: Automatic Pre-Registration Process

If you’ve successfully registered an RF gateway to your DicksonOne account, setting up a logger is quick and easy!

  1. Insert the batteries into the logger
  2. Plug in the replaceable sensor ensuring that it is firmly connected
  3. Turn on the device and wait for 30-60 seconds
  4. Go to your account, click on “Register New Hardware” in the upper right
  5. Select “Add an RFL” (the red circle with a number indicates the number of devices that have been automatically identified by your account through your registered RF gateway)
  6. If you have devices displayed on the page, the 6-digit number in the illustration should match the 6-digit code displayed on the screen of your device so you know which device you’re configuring, and a serial number is also provided online and on the back of each device
  7. Configure the device with the following:
    1. Device name
    2. Device location
    3. Default settings; optionally, click edit to apply something other than the defaults
    4. Optionally, add names for each channel
    5. Optionally, apply an alarm template to each channel
  8. Select “Add Device” 

You can add other devices in the same way as above or navigate to the device you just configured by clicking on the device name in the “Recently Configured” pane on the right.

RF Logger Setup: Manually Claiming Loggers To Register Your Devices
  1. Go to your account and click on “+Register New Hardware” 
  2. Select “Add an RFL”
  3. Click “Claim Missing Devices” on the top right 
  4. Enter the 6-digit code from the screen of the device into the box. You can enter multiple codes at once using a comma to separate each code
  5. Click “Claim Devices”
  6. The devices will now appear in the list and you can begin configuring the devices settings, naming the devices and channels, and applying alarm templates if already created. 

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