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RF Logger Firmware Updates

About RF Logger Firmware Updates

  • To update your logger(s), you will need: a USB OTG cable and a USB flash drive formatted as FAT32 (generally the case for drives 32GB or less)
  • You will need to download the latest firmware version from the DicksonOne Change Logs to your DicksonOne USB flash as updates are done manually. 
  • Be sure that the USB flash drive does NOT contain any other firmware files.

Check if updates are available

For a device that is not already registered

When you power up your device for the first time or reboot the logger, the screen will show a version number (eg. 1.0.1) right after the word “Loading.” You can view the Change Logs to evaluate if updating would be beneficial.  

For a device that is already registered

You can reboot the device as described above or follow the steps below.

On DicksonOne, go to Manage > Devices to review the Device’s current firmware version. If a version is available, you can view the Change Logs to evaluate if updating would be beneficial.

How to Update an RF Logger's Firmware

Download the Firmware File On DicksonOne
  1. Click on Change Logs under under the Support tab on the left navigation menu
  2. Select the RFL Firmware SKU and click filter
  3. Review the changes and click the link to download 
  4. Save the downloaded file onto your USB flash drive (formatted as FAT32; generally the case for drives 32GB or less)
The most recent version will be displayed towards the top with previous versions descending.
Update the RF Logger with the new Firmware File

Press the power button and hold until the logger turns off

Plug the USB flash to the OTG cable, and plug the OTG cable into the device’s micro USB port while still powered off

Press the power button to turn the device back on

  • The USB icon will appear on the screen and display ‘LOADING’ and then ‘UPDATING’ on the device screen
  • The new firmware version will flash on the screen e.g., ‘0.6.0’ when the update is complete
  • The device will then resume to display the current data on the screen
Verifying the RF Logger Firmware Updates in DicksonOne

On DicksonOne, go to Manage > Devices to review the Device’s current firmware version. You can verify that the firmware version number is correct and matches the firmware version that you uploaded to the device (it can take 5-10 minutes to see the update online)

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