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Register RF Loggers

About RF Loggers

  • If you haven’t already registered an RF Gateway or have one in your account, do that first as one is required in order to connect an RF Logger
  • You will have two options for registering RF nodes to your DicksonOne account. One method will automatically upload pre-registration nodes to your account and the other method allows you to manually register nodes when they cannot be automatically added.

How to Register RF Loggers

Register Pre-Registered Nodes.

Log into your DicksonOne account and Click on +Register New Hardware.

Click Add an RFL

The loggers reporting through your gateway(s) will now be displayed on the screen. The illustration of the logger will display the registration code and serial number below which should match the physical device. 

For each node: 

  1. Name the device.
  2. Name the sensor channels
  3. Confirm/change settings as necessary.
  4. Apply Alarms to your channels if Alarm Templates have been created. 
  5. Click Add Logger.
Manually Register Nodes.

Registering loggers manually is only required if the gateway is unable to definitively identify that the device is communicating through it. 

Log into your DicksonOne account and Click on +Register New Hardware.

Click Add a DWE, TWE, or TWP.

Name the device, provide the 6-digit registration code that appears on the logger’s screen, select a location, determine the device settings, and click Register Device.

Review Logger Configurations in Manage Devices.

To review your devices’ settings or make changes go to Manage on the left-navigation bar and click Devices.

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