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Manage Firmware Settings

About Managing Firmware Settings

  • Firmware Settings can be controlled by the Account Manager and the Account Manager can determine how Firmware Settings will be set
  • Firmware settings offer the flexibility to update Over the Air (OTA), as well as the flexibility to Automatically update or Manually update

How to use Manage Firmware Settings

Setting Company Default Firmware Setting:

Go to > Manage > Account > Default Device Settings

  1.  As the Account Owner, determine if you would like to set the firmware settings to Update my devices automatically or Do not update devices automatically 
  2. Click Save
View or Change the Firmware On a Single Device:

Go to > Select Device > Settings > Firmware 

  1. On the Device’s Firmware page, the Firmware version will be displayed
  2. The Firmware setting for a device can be changed here to be the account default or another option 
  3. The Firmware Changelog can also be reviewed on the page
  4. Click Save if an update is made

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