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Archive a Device

About Archiving a Device

  • Archiving a device will allow you to view the historical data and historical excursions that may have occurred without having to continue to collect samples of data.  
  • Archiving a device will remove the device from your subscription so that it is not charged for a reoccurring subscription or counted towards your subscription tier.
  • Archiving a device can be paired with locations by creating a location for archived devices on the account. 

How to Archive a Device

First Visit a Device to Archive It:

Visit a Device to Archive it.

  1. Click ‘Settings’ from the Device Overview Page when visiting a device
  2. Click ‘Archive this Device’ at the bottom of the Settings Page
Verify That You Want to Archive The Device:


  1. Click ‘Archive’ after reviewing the Warning.
Where to Find The Archive Device:

Viewing an Archived Device.

  1. When you visit a location, archived devices will have the message This device has been archived.
  2. An archived device is accessed the same way you access an active device. 
  3. Click on the name of the device to view the historical data.
Remaining Access:

Archive Device Overview.

  1. The banner denotes the status of the Device.
  2. You can view a specific date range of data.
  3. View the channels you need only by using the On/Off toggle.
  4. Annotations for Excursions remain viewable.
  5. Exports can be created by clicking on the ‘Export’

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This article applies to these plans:

This article applies to these plans:

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